D-6 Fixed Offshore Ice-Resistant Platform for the Kravtsovskoye Oil Field in the Baltic Sea

Year:  2004

Total weight:  11,000 ton

Turn-key construction of the D-6 fixed offshore ice-resistant platform for the Kravtsovskoye oil field in the Baltic Sea weighing about 11,000 ton in total, including a substructure, topsides of the production module and the living quarters module, and a connecting bridge. This was the first offshore project of such a scale implemented in Russia. It is worth special notice that the construction of the platform had been completed within an unprecedentedly short time and with the highest workmanship confirmed during its operation.

Other projects

Fabrication of Structures for Shiploaders
In Q4 2019, the Yard started fabrication of steel structures ordered by Ultramar for four bulk cargo shiploaders designed by NK TEHNOLOGIJA, Latvia. The project was implemented as part of the Ultramar Terminal infrastructure development in the port of Ust-Luga, the Leningrad Region. The project activities were carried out in compliance with high quality requirements, the Yard being additionally certified to EN 1090 and EN 3834. Test assembly of the main structural elements was performed upon completion of the fabrication. In October 2020, the structures were shipped by sea to the port of Ust-Luga where they were assembled and commissioned by the Customer. OOO Kliver has gained extensive and successful experience in implementing crane projects and intends to develop its competencies in this area together with its key partners.
Upgrading of drilling rigs
Within upgrading of train-type drilling rigs, OOO Kliver produces mast and substructure units of 200 ton capacity capable of drilling with a top drive.
Fabrication of modules of a natural gas treatment unit and fabrication of piping for the Vysotsk LNG plant
Manufacturing of natural gas treatment unit modules for the LNG production and offloading terminal in the Vysotsk seaport in the Leningrad Region.
A set of large-diameter shells and inserts for the liquefied natural gas receipt and storage terminal
In November 2016, OOO Kliver was awarded a contract by JSC MRTS for fabrication of 22 off inserts and 4 sets of large-diameter shells within the project of construction of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Receipt, Storage and Regasification Terminal in the Kaliningrad Region.
Manufacture of 2 sets of a drilling rig BU E BM K-320
In 2015, OOO Kliver launched manufacture of BU E BM K-320 Kliver Cluster Slider drilling rigs of 320 ton capacity designed by Bentec GmbH Drilling and Oilfield Systems, Germany.
Slipway cradles for a large-size ship launching system – 8 units
Manufacture of non-standard equipment for a large-size ship launching system at the Sevmash shipyard.
Manufacture of module steel structures of the SP38 work package
In 2017, OOO Kliver became the unique company in Russia having experience in the turn-key manufacture of process modules for the Yamal LNG project, the largest integrated project in Russia for production, liquefaction and delivery of natural gas.
A derrick for an offshore drilling rig operating on the Arkutun-Dagi oil field within the Sakhalin-1 project
Fabrication of a drilling rig derrick of 650 ton capacity for an offshore drilling platform operated on the Arkutun-Dagi oil field within the Sakhalin-1 project.
Steel structures of a pedestrian bridge (200 m long) for Oslo, Norway
In 2009, the Kliver yards fabricated a 200 m pedestrian bridge ordered by SIAS, Norway, to connect an old and a recently developed areas downtown Oslo.
Ermak Modular Electrical Cluster Drilling Rig of Walking Type
The Ermak modular electrical cluster drilling rig of walking type capable of drilling down to 6,500 m deep was built under a turn-key contract for Eurasia Drilling Company.